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Guest reviews. Natalia Smirnova, April 2012


We flew to the complex in April 2012. Our idea was to buy a villa in Oasis Club II. At the same time we wanted to have a rest and appreciate the complex. We had bought the plane tickets in advance. A return flight St. Petersburg - Antalya cost us $ 400 per person.        

The owner of the villa had ordered a pickup service and at the airport a car collected us. Initially, we were afraid that the trip would be long and tedious, but within an hour we arrived at the place. The car drove us right to the entrance of the villa and we moved in immediately.



           The villa pleasantly surprised us. All the furniture was new. Everything was very clean and comfortable. And the entire villa was air-conditioned.
The villa had 3 bedrooms and a spacious lounge-living room with large sofa-bed. If you are planning a trip with a big company it is the best option to obtain high-quality accommodation and not to overpay.

We also greatly enjoyed the private pool. In April the sea was quite cool - so it was nice that there was a possibility to plunge into a swimming pool right on leaving the hall.
Another great feature is the Wi-Fi that can be used throughout the complex, even on the beach. My husband could do some work, and I talked with the children on Skype, which helped me save a lot of money on roaming.



The absence of the notorious "all inclusive" was not a problem in the end. The complex has a restaurant. In addition there are a lot of small shops next to the complex where you can find food for every taste.

As a result, we had breakfast in the restaurant of the complex, but cooked dinner ourselves - the kitchen in the villa is fully equipped, it also has a dishwasher, which is very handy when you are having a holiday and don’t feel like spending time washing the dishes.

The beach is a 5 minute walk from the villa, but there is no need to walk to the beach. We called the reception and the golf car arrived immediately to take us to the beach. There is also an opportunity to call the golf car from the beach to take you back home. The beach has a bar, lounge chairs and umbrellas.


In the end we signed a contract for the purchase of a villa in the complex and we are looking forward to going to our new second home soon.


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